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Money Management

Your Money Management Contact:
Landon Curtis: (870) 365-3110 or (800) 445-5745



Deposit Account to Deposit Account Sweep

We are able to setup a deposit account to deposit account sweep for your business so the system will move money between accounts automatically.

You provide us the desired maintained balance that you want to have in an account and we setup the system to move
money automatically to maintain the balance as long as funds are available.

Loan sweep*

A loan sweep moves money to and from a deposit account to a Line of Credit. You provide us the desired Maintained deposit balance you want to remain in your operating account and the system automatically moves the money each day as needed to maintain that balance.

You no longer have to worry about moving the funds to cover checks and other debits from your account.

It also saves interest by moving back excess funds at the end of each business day to pay down on the loan when excess funds are available. Providing you, as a business owner, the freedom to focus on the other priorities of your business.

*Subject to Bank approval

Easy Deposit - Merchant Capture*

  • Make deposits from the comfort of your office. It may save you time and money.
  • Lower risk that something may happen to your hard earned funds in the physical transit of the deposit.
  • Receive same day credit for deposits with as late as an 8 pm cutoff time.
  • Retain images of deposited items.
  • Lease or purchase needed equipment from the bank that fits your business deposit volumes.

*Subject to Bank approval


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