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Fraud Prevention

Your Business Fraud Prevention Contact:
Landon Curtis: (870) 365-3110 or (800) 445-5745 


Positive Pay with Check Reconciliation & ACH Fraud Prevention 

  • Protection: Proactively protect your business against check fraud and ACH fraud.
  • Approved Checks: Submit checks payable file to Anstaff to compare clearing items before they post to an account.
  • Approved ACH White List: Create acceptable list of merchants or vendors approved to ACH Debit your account with optional limits on debit amounts.
  • System Access: View checks and ACH exception items to determine if they should be paid or returned.
  • Email Notification: Any attempt to draft money from your account that is not previously approved, is sent to you and designated members of your team to review for approval.

Dual Control

You can setup your Business Online Banking to require dual control of Transfers and ACH Payments if desired.

Through the dual control process, an employee would initiate the ACH or Transfer and a second one is required to approve the ACH or Transfer. Dual Control greatly reduces the opportunity for fraud both external and internal. 


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